December 23rd, 2008 by Steve Firchow, Posted in News | 68 Comments>>

Here are a couple bits and pieces I designed,modeled and textured for Legendary.  Modeling is fun but I'm definitely no expert!   Also...I created an exclusive 'Legendary' gallery. Check it out on the Home page.

Heres the 'Tsuchigumo' concept...basicly its a walking grenade.  Two of our engineers, Asim Naseer and Thanash Ikonomou devised a system for timing the 'Erection of the Sac' as a visual cue for imminent eruption (and damage).  Sunni Han created the damage 'HUD effect' and Gennady Babichenko added some cool shader magic.  Brent Whittington created the 'Sac-tastic' animation. If you want to see it in all its theatrical,bloody, gorelicious action, ignore the reviews and buy the game:)


The midrez model...built in Maya.  There WAS an extremely hirez model made in Zbrush used to generate the normal map...but I lost it in a spectacular computer crash/virus/failure...Bah:(

Texture and normal map


Shader test in Unreal3... The normal animates and gooey creepy juices flow and pulse inside.

Here they are in their natural element...destroyed New York subways.  Environments courtesy of JP Eaton, Jeal Choi and Gennady Babichenko.

One more prop