December 13th, 2008 by Steve Firchow, Posted in News | 87 Comments>>

This piece started out as a quick creature sketch for 'Legendary'.   We were considering haveing some kind of Ogre in our game but soon had to drop it.  I liked the gesture of the character sketch and decided to develop it into 'Spring' for a series of personal pieces based on the four seasons.   There is a detail of this piece in the 'Digital' gallery section.



Original sketch (45minutes-1 hour)



Color Sketch  (1-2hours)


Final fullsize line art(6-7 hours)


Final painting(15 -17 hours)


Also...I posted the piece above on ConceptArt.org and someone complained that the anatomy of the lower leg doesn't make sense.  Actually, it makes perfect sense.  I posted this sweet anatomical illustration to describe exactly how Mister Spring's legs really work.